charles tiffin

Tiffin, Charles

Architects working for the Queensland government were responsible for the design of a number of buildings still remaining in Historic Queen’s Wharf. The earliest of these architects was Charles Tiffin, responsible for the first purpose built Immigration Depot in Brisbane, today’s National Trust House.

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thomas dowse

Dowse, Thomas

One time Brisbane town clerk Thomas Dowse had strong links with the Queen’s Wharf area. They commenced on 20 July 1842 when, with his family, Dowse stepped on to Queen’s wharf, a former convict newly arrived from Sydney in pursuit of his fortune.

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john petrie

Petrie, John

John Petrie, building contractor and mayor of Brisbane, was the eldest son of Andrew Petrie, the appointed clerk of works at the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. Born in Scotland in 1822, John Petrie in 1837 arrived with his parents, brothers and sisters at a convict settlement on the point of closure.

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henry miller

Miller, Henry

Charged with the task of establishing the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement, Lieutenant Henry Miller of the 40th Regiment, with the assistance of surveyor John Oxley, a detachment of guards and some 30 convicts, established a group of slab, brick and bark buildings at what is today’s Redcliffe Point in September 1824.

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Matron Sophia Morphy

Morphy, Sophia

Sophia Morphy was appointed Matron of the Immigration Depot in January 1854. At this time the Depot was located in buildings on the south bank of the river. Her main role was to ensure the good health and well-being of the women who were in her care for brief periods of up to a week. […]

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